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Comparing education

               Comparing Education

Hi everyone.  In this post I am going to compare Canada’s education to education in Pakistan

                            Literacy rate

The picture below describes the literacy rate in Pakistan. The chart shows that the literacy rate is from 1951 10 2009.  The chart also shows that only 45% of females can read and write and 69%of males can read and write. Pakistan has 4 provinces. The total average literacy rate in Baluchistan is 45%, the average in Sindh is 59%, the average in Punjab is 59% and the average in Sarhad is 45%.

 The chart below describes literacy rate in Canada. You can see how many children have completed their education in each province in Canada. Canada's literacy rate improved 20% since 1998.

                                 $Money spent

Pakistan spends most of it's money on the defence of the country and leaves aside little for education.  Pakistan has failed to provide it's country with primary education, but for country's long term stability it's more important then spending on defence and security. As you can look up on the Internet there are 196 countries in the world today. Pakistan’s rank on spending money on education is 126. Isn’t it bad? Yes, it is bad because the country spent 2.6% of its money on education. I see that the future of this country is not bright at all.

Canada is a huge country and it just has a little population. The country spends 5.3% of its money on its education. The rank of this country is 49th compared to the whole world. Well, it’s not that good but at least it's better than Pakistan. This country at least cares about its education. It seems like this country has a better future.

                    Children that go to school

        Well right now, the total population in Pakistan is 173,593,380. But the bad thing is only 63 % of Pakistani children finish primary school education. Furthermore only 68% of Pakistani boys and 72% of girls reach grade 5. When they finish their education they sit home and do nothing because there are not enough jobs in Pakistan for everyone. That’s why the children don't end up literate.

In Canada, most of the children go to school. 99% of the  children in Canada go to school. The total population of children in Canada right now is 5.6. Canada provides it's children with every bit of education. The children here are so lucky. I hope it goes like this forever. The 1% of children that do not go to school is because they don't like studying. Their parents send them to school but they go somewhere else instead. That happens a lot in  Canada.


Government school:
This is a picture of a classroom in Pakistan. As you can see, the classroom is not that equipped because it’s not a private school. It’s a government school. In this picture there are no desks and they are sitting on the floor.

Government school:                             private school:

On the right side, there is a private school. As you can see the children are sitting on desks and the class room is fully decorated. That’s because private schools cost charges to provide children with education. They take money. That’s why it’s so beautiful. Government schools have no charges. That’s why it’s not that beautiful.

Below is a public and a private school in Canada. It’s so modern because there are no charges and these people care about education. Public schools also take there children to many trips.
In private schools, they take fee but they also provide the children with education. A fact about private school is; they are increasing the charges. But they are also looking forward for many advanced programs.

My point in this paragraph is that Pakistan don't care about it's education .They provide students with no equipment and the class room is not decorated. The environment also effects children's study. Canada cares about education and also environment in which the children studies.

And here is a private school:

               Well now it’s time for a video:

Here is video about a school in Pakistan. The video shows a description about a government and a little bit description about a private school:

                          I hope you enjoyed it !!!


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